George & Mildred

Man About The House writers Johnnie Mortimer & Brian Cooke created two spin-offs. Their first was George and Mildred. Brian Murphy and Yootha Joyce resumed their roles as the Ropers, previously the flatsharers' landlords. Each of the five series had its own title sequence. The original graphics, shown here, featured music by Johnny Hawksworth. Brian and Yootha must have had fun posing in these mock-up photos of the couple in their younger days. All the subsequent series used a theme tune by Roger Webb; series two titles consisted of a funny live-action sequence involving George and his motorbike; three involved a laboured barbeque sketch; four was just a very bland silhouette graphic; five had a great live action sequence, once again with George and his motorbike, spattering mud over the neighbour Mr Fourmile (Norman Eshley) and rainwater over Mildred's shoes.