Potter ran for 3 series and 20 episodes from 1979 to 1983. The sitcom had originally starred Arthur Lowe as Redvers Potter, John Barron as the Vicar, Noël Dyson as Potter's wife, Aileen, John Warner as' Tolly' Toliver, and in a post Steptoe role, Harry H. Corbett as reformed criminal gangster, Harry Tooms. The title sequence itself was created by using clips from the episodes that had made up the previous year's first series. Sadly, just as plans for a third series had been commissioned, Potter lost two of its stars when both Harry H. Corbett and Arthur Lowe died within two months of each other in 1982. After Lowe's death, the title role of Potter was recast and won by Robin Bailey in the third and final series that was shown in the summer of 1983.