This Is Your Life (2)

A recording made in the Anglia TV region. Michael Aspel hosts the show, a role he took on in 1988 following Eamonn Andrews' death. The subject is Ernie Wise, who believed he was on his way to take part in a chat show. But when he arrived he was confronted by old friends such as Lionel Blair, Gemma Craven, David Lodge and June Whitfield, dressed up in tails and singing 'Bring Me Sunshine'. Peter Cushing is the final guest. He arrives demanding payment for that 1969 sketch, but ends with a poignant speech.

Media Details
Content Type: Programme Titles
Picture: 4:3 Colour
Quality: ST
Production and Transmission
Production Co.:Thames Television
Country: United Kingdom
Channel / Service: ITV
Talent and Credits
Presenter: Michael Aspel
Posted by: TVARK