Thunderbirds are "GO" in the year 2065, thanks to International Rescue, that family business of superheroes based on a remote island, with a fleet of specialist craft at their disposal. The Tracys were the good guys (Jeff, Scott, Virgil, Gordon, John, Brains and…er, Alan), the bad guy was The Hood. Every week, a sloaney aristo called Lady Penelope rang Tracy HQ with tip-offs and new cocktail recipes, while her decrepit butler Parker would be obliged to drive her to her next investigation in a pink Rolls-Royce. Penelope was based on Sylvia Anderson, who voiced her throughout the 32 episodes despite her acrimonious relationship with Gordon, while the other parts were played by Shane Rimmer, Peter Dyneley, David Holliday, Matt Zimmerman, David Graham, Christine Finn and Ray Barrett as The Hood.