ITV2 2015 – 2022 Branding

On Wednesday 12 August 2015, ITV2 refreshed its presentation with a new package created by ManvsMachine for ITV Creative to appeal to a younger audience and implement a digitally-led promotional model.

Executive Creative Director of ITV Creative, Tony Pipes said ‘In terms of the branding for ITV2, we wanted a new younger look and feel plus a new promotional model, that was more digitally connected. To be modern we knew it had to be fun and dynamic, always updating, weaving in with our social feeds, and better reflecting the kind of channel ITV2 is. We call it ‘TV. And Then Some.’

ManvsMachine said ‘The new look for the channel aims to convey ITV2 as the naughty sibling of the ITV family. The overall identity is centred around the theme amplifying everyday life, so we see a brighter, more banging approach to making a cup of tea than you’d expect. Look a little deeper, and there’s a little visual pun in each ident, too. The hammers falling against a wall of clocks? Hammertime, of course. We created a badly behaved channel brand system that disregards the norms of scheduling. So as well as having cheeky visual cues • it’s all riotous toasters and biscuits falling from the sky • it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever see the same sequence of idents. We worked with ITV Creative to develop an automated modular play-out system that assembles idents on the fly. Like a digital tombola, the system randomly sequences snippets from bespoke ITV2 branded ‘scenes’.’

In January 2016, five additional imagery was added to the mix.

ITV2 Clean Idents

ITV2 Programme Promotions