Arguably one of the best series Thames made, and one of ITV's most memorable. It was intended as a vehicle for Dennis Waterman post-Sweeney, but series creator Leon Griffiths gave us the immortal Arthur Daley (George Cole), a character who lasted on TV for 15 years and lives on in popular memory. Arthur conceived many a dodgy deal well away from the prying eyes of 'Er Indoors, usually guaranteed to be a nice little earner. He chose as his minder the ex-convict and boxer, Terry McCann (Waterman), and spent much of his time drinking in the Winchester Club with barman Dave (Glynn Edwards). Detective Inspector Chisholm (Patrick Malahide) spent most of his time raiding Arthur's lock-up. As Little Britain viewers know, the theme tune, "I Could Be So Good For You", was co-written and sung by Waterman.